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It’s been a few days since I reported on my first campaign using 8 minute profits and today, I’ve just got the results of my 2nd test campaign.  The results are excellent.  They came in exactly as I had hoped.

This means that 8 Minute Profits is a winner and the proof follows.

Here are the results:

8 minute profits proof

As you can see, I received 217 total optins.  Of that, 11 unsubscribed, for a totle of 206 still subscribed.  This includes the 24 leads from my first campaign, described HERE.

I spent $85.00 for this last traffic surge, so the total spent for 217 leads was $113.00, including the $24.00 spent for the first campaing.  If you do the math, that’s .52 per lead.  IMO, this is a great price to pay for a lead.  I addition, 1 affiliate product was sold.  That commission was $5.93, so rounding we’ll say $6.00.  Subtracting that from my cost, it brings the cost per lead down to .49 each.  Excellent, IMO.

Now I didn’t break even or make a profit, and that is my ultimate goal.  However, it’s really too soon to tell.  As of now, all of these leads have only received the 1st few messages in my follow-up series, and the remaining messages sell an affiliate product as well.  So more may purchase later.

In addition, I know that if these customers are responsive, there’s a good chance they will buy something in the future.  Only time will tell if I actually make a profit on these leads or not.   However, it’s very encouraging so I’m gonna use the 8 minute profits system to run more traffic to my squeeze page and build my list.

Here are the open rates:

8 minute profits opens

As you can see, the first message is getting almost a 60% open rate.  Really good.  If you follow down the column, you’ll see the open rates for every message in the follow up series.  Message #7 is sent out 7 days after they opt-in so no one has received this message yet.  Also, a majority of this list has only received up to message #3.  I expect these numbers to change as more people receive all the messages in the follow up series.

So there you have it.  A product review for 8 minute profits.

In my opinion, it’s an excellent method to get cheap traffic, and I’d definitely recommend it for that.  The upsells, however, are questionable whether they would work for you.  If you don’t wanna write your own emails, they may work.  However, you’d be better off writing your own and using the methods found in my book “Raving Emails” to communicate with your list.  The email methods taught in the course may make you money in the short term, but my email methods are better for long term.

Your choice.

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