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Welcome to my website – my internet marketing business building journal, and my “about me” page.  Here’s what curious minds (and the just plain bored) want to know about me.

I’m not writing this just to feed my ego. No, want you to know that if you’re having struggles making money online, you’re not alone. Everyone has struggles. That’s why by reading my story you’ll learn valuable lessons that I learned the hard way.

My name is Tony Miciche but you can call me “The Tonester!”

My passions include skiing, amusesment parks, laying on the beach, going to street fairs and festivals, going to parties and get togethers with family and friends, and entertaining at my house.

Currently, I live in a beautiful small town near York, Pennsylvania, USA after moving here from the “city-with-too-much-traffic,” Baltimore, Maryland USA.  In my current home, which I consider my dream home, I get to experience a wonderful life, full of nature, peacefulness, bliss, and just a huge amount of satisfaction.  The setting of this house is fantastic and I have to pinch myself every day that I call it home.  This home, which I bought in 2007, was all because of my success on the internet!

house move-in

I have been working for my selve as an entrepreneur since 1992.  Yes, that’s right, I haven’t had to answer to a boss since then and I can tell you, this no feeling like the feeling of FREEDOM you get when you can fire your boss.

I have been marketing online since the late 1990′s and have had some great success. But like you I’m not perfect. It wasn’t always a bed of roses.

My original internet business, started in 1992, was a mail order website, selling physical products in the movie memorabilia niche.  This site was created when the world-wide-web was just an infant, crying for attention!  All businesses at the time were just trying to understand this new medium and establish a presence.

At first, it was all about printing catalogs and mailing them to customers and leads…a very expensive way to market.   Anyone remember “dot matrix” printers?  Once I heard about the internet, of course I had to be part of it, and I outsourced my first website for 5K, yes, $5,000.00 USD.

Over the years the site got better and eventually was extremely successful, with a multiple 6-figure income per year.  I remember my best year like it was yesterday.  We did $236,000.00 that year.  I had to sit back and say WOW!   I took in this amount of money?   Me!  I did that!

A lot of my internet marketing strategies at the time involved  paid advertising, including Google AdWords, Overture(long gone pay per click) banner ads, and hours of link building on similar sites.   As mentioned before, I was able to move to my dream home because of this business.

I sold movie and collector items I purchased from distributors and stocked in my basement! Yes, that’s right, my basement! One thing I discovered though, selling physical products was A LOT OF WORK!  I had to buy the products, stock them, take orders, ship them, deal with customer service and returns, and much much more.  I found this business model to be very time consuming and after 14 years or so, eventually got burned out.   I decided to move on to bigger and better things, or so I thought…

By then (mid 2000′s) the internet was as common as traffic back-ups around my original home in Baltimore, Maryland USA. I wanted to build a website where I could make money online without selling physical products.

Enter my next website… a  recipe site, where I gave out my own favorite recipes free to visitors.   This site was built using “Site Build It” (or SBI for short).  Although they are a good service, I would not recommend them now.  (read more on that later in a blog posting).

On my recipe site I hoped to sell kitchen related items to visitors such as cookbooks, appliances and the latest and greatest products.  This venture, unfortunately, did not go as planned.  It seemed most people visiting the site just wanted the free information and recipes.  Now I know this was a mistake, but then I thought it was a good idea. Once a freebie seeker, always a freebie seeker. I was shocked that no one wanted that $400.00 Kitchen Aide mixer I so proudly displayed in 10 different colors. Why would someone buy it from me, when Amazon (a site they already knew) had it as well. Another lesson learned.

After that failure, I drifted from one thing to the next, and not seeing much success.  I flipped houses for a few years (seeing a little income but also some losses), trying my hand at other websites (didn’t go so well) and then started a landscaping company by pure accident.

While I was working on my own yard, others asked me to improve their yards, and one thing led to another and another successful business was born!  However, that was not all roses.  In case you don’t know, landscaping is HARD PHYSICAL WORK!  I didn’t want to continue that forever, so in my spare time I continued to try my hand at internet marketing.  So…

Next (in 2012) I discovered the world of affiliate marketing, SEO, and ranking websites at the top of the search engines for the purpose of driving traffic and ultimately making sales.  This strategy for internet marketing I learned through a course called BRING THE FRESH, and MAN, did I learn a lot about websites, how to market them, how to rank them at the top of search engines, and how to make sales!  I don’t think this course is available anymore but if it is, I would HIGHLY recommend it.  The amount of information you’ll learn is EASILY worth the price of admission.SEO gave me my first taste of success since the mail order business. Finally!

But… (do you know where this is going?) because SEO depends on search engines (Google) for traffic, and Google is notorious for changing their ranking algorithm and delisting websites.  I was making a little bit of money each month, and my sites would getting better rankings but the Google changed their algorithm and suddenly all that went down the toilet.  I decided then that depending on search engines for my income was not a good idea. I wanted ME to determine my success, not GOOGLE!

Enter my current method for making money online and the one I consider the PRIMO,  NUMERO UNO, BEST METHOD for generating an online income.   That method is list building, and sales funnels.

I always knew building a list was a great way to make a lot of money and have done it all through my internet marketing career.  As a matter of fact, my mail order business had a list of 4K customers and those people gave me my success.

I dove into list building big-time, read, studied, hired coaches, and learned everything I could and built some lists in various niches and started making money. Not a huge amount, but I could see the potential. And the best part, my success is dependent ME and only ME!

Do you have motivation to “just do it?” Then you could be seeing that kind of income and changing your life.

Check it out here and let me know if you don’t think it’s the best online marketing course since sliced bread!

Currently I still run my landscaping company with my partner and we’re very successful , but I’m looking foward to retiring from the physical labor to my home office.  My goal is to replace my landscaping income in 2018 so this last season was my last working that business.

As you can see, I’ve had both success and failure and I write about it to let you know that as you persue your dreams, failures are inevitable.  You just can’t let them derail your dreams and goals.  YOU CAN’T!  You must continue on and not give up.

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Follow my case studies I’m journally about here.  You’ll see.  You can make millions online.

See you at the top!

The Tonester