Branding Your Business

branding your business





I ask you…

“Are your a “half-full or half-empty type of person?”





If you wanna take your online business to the next level, or any business for that matter,  it’s important that you think about – and plan in great detail – your branding. What do I mean? I mean doing what the “big-guys do.”

If you’re thinking “I’m not a big guy,” that’s just plain wrong. Every business needs a brand; an image that’s going to resonate with people in a way that makes them raving fans.

Have you thought about your brand?  If not, you wouldn’t be alone.  Many small businesses, especially the ones just getting started, are worried about other things and branding seems to take a back seat.  Even though branding could be considered a part of marketing, many times business owners think of marketing as advertising only and don’t take into account the positive effects that a good branding message can have on the bottom line.

If you’re just getting starting with your new online business, you might be not treating your online marketing business like a business. Maybe you are treating it more like a hobby or maybe you’re just dabbling.

Dabbling in your business is not a good thing. It means you’re not all-in. Do you think that if you just dabble in your business a little bit you’re going to make enough money to quit your job and fire your boss? The answer is no. Sure, you might bring in a few dollars here and there, but if you’re reading this, I know you want “life-changing” income. You want to quit your job. You want to live the entrepreneur dream.

If you want that lifestyle you need to be “all-in” with your business and that includes the important step of branding it.  In this post you’re going to learn how to do it effectively. Read more Branding Your Business

Book Reviews – The Best Business Books For Entrepreneurs

best business books for entrepreneurs




In today’s post I’m going to give you my recommendations for the best business books for entrepreneurs that I’ve read. These particular books have really helped me in my online business. Deciding to purchase and read any one of these is a great idea.

You may already know that books on business success are a dime a dozen. There are, literally, hundreds of them. I’m sure you’ve seen many recommended on many other websites and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a lot of good books and a lot of them I haven’t read yet. The ones I mention below are the ones that I’ve read and out of which I’ve gotten a lot of good online business tips, success tips and great advice.


I consider these some of the top success books you can read to help you in your business. With that being said, here they are. Read more Book Reviews – The Best Business Books For Entrepreneurs

Product Review Launch Levels Vol. 1

SEO image vs. Launch Levels





Joke:  Well there really is no joke here.  But it’s still funny.

             This is why imo, SEO is a bad idea.






As you probably know, there are tons of products released every single week teaching how to make money online. I see many of them. However, there is only a small percentage of them that are worth your time and can really give you a help with your business. Launch Levels Vol. 1 by Kam Jennings (aka Zero Fatz) is one of those.

Below I give you an insiders look into that product and why it’s so darn good.

Here’s my take…

Launch Levels Vol 1. is a full-blown case study on how Kam Jennings created his latest product, called “Free Funnels” and how he made over $13,000 in revenue in just 5 days. The best part however, is that he tells you why he did things the way he did, and shows you how you can replicate what he did so you too, can see similar results.

Now, to be honest, Read more Product Review Launch Levels Vol. 1

Personel Story – Internet Marketing Magic






He’s another note to self…
Why wake up, when the dream is so much better?







I just recorded a video that I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I like expressing the truth – the realities of life as I see them, and why things get better the better you feel.  It took me many years to find that out, but now that I did, my life has changed in so many fantastic ways… and that goes for making money online too.

Rather than write anymore, I prefer you watch the video below and I truly hope that if you’re feeling frustrated, facing challenges an obstacles, that you can overcome them and come out the other site a better person.

Life is more about the journey than anything.

BTW, I mention in the video one way you can change your life through internet marketing.  Click “Read More” To Watch now. Read more Personel Story – Internet Marketing Magic

New, Better Video Blog Format



Joke:  Sometimes my brain is like the Bermuda triangle.
            Information goes in and then it’s never found again.







There’s a new kid in town …  famous song from the classic rock band “The Eagles”

I’m announcing here some changes to the blog that you’re sure to like – more video postings.
Although I like writing and feel I’m a half-way decent writer, I know that videos are much more appealing and enteraining, and I definitely wanna give you more of what you want.  Plus, I know you’ll still learn a lot from my experience as an internet marketer.

That being said, watch my latest video below:

Read more New, Better Video Blog Format

Post 28 – Making Money Insights – Interview With Kam Jennings





Do you sometimes feel like the world is moving ahead at light speed and you’re moving like a turtle?

That’s all I have to say…






Video Interview With Kam Jennings – Making Money Online Tips

I’ve got a real treat for you today.

Kam Jennings (aka ZeroFatz) has agreed to talk with me about his experiences making money online.

Why did I choose Kam?

First, because I’ve known him for a while and I’ve received a number of his training courses, all of which are top notch.
Second, he’s one of the “honest” marketers out there – integrity and sincerity are important and you can trust what he has to say is the truth!
Third, his story is very compelling, having faced serious setbacks, but always managing to come through them and never quitting.

This is one of the many lessons you can take from him. Despite problems he never quit, and now he enjoys the freedom of working for himself. That means not having to answer to a boss.

I know you’ll get some valuable lessons here that you can use in your own business to overcome challenges and have success…

Click the “read more” link to watch…

Read more Post 28 – Making Money Insights – Interview With Kam Jennings