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In today’s post I’m going to give you my recommendations for the best business books for entrepreneurs that I’ve read. These particular books have really helped me in my online business. Deciding to purchase and read any one of these is a great idea.

You may already know that books on business success are a dime a dozen. There are, literally, hundreds of them. I’m sure you’ve seen many recommended on many other websites and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a lot of good books and a lot of them I haven’t read yet. The ones I mention below are the ones that I’ve read and out of which I’ve gotten a lot of good online business tips, success tips and great advice.


I consider these some of the top success books you can read to help you in your business. With that being said, here they are.


Business Book #1:
The Secrets Of Power Negotiating by Roger Dawson

This is a really good book for life in general and your business more specifically. As you’re probably aware, we all do some type of negotiating in our personal lives and business. If you watched my video about my car buying experience, you know that negotiating is a big part of your life. If you haven’t seen that video watch it BY CLICKING HERE.

I’ve learned many negotiating tactics from this book. As an example, I’ve learned the concept of walk away power. Have you heard of it? If not, it’s an important concept you need to know when negotiating. The concept says you always want to go into a negotiation with the mindset that you’re going to walk away if the other party doesn’t meet your needs.

Another important concept is that negotiating is always a win win situation. Any kind of situation where it’s a win for one party and a lose for the other party is not a good thing because you want both parties to come away with a good feeling. How do you create that win win feeling? That’s a long explanation, too long for this post so get the book and find out.

Those are just 2 examples of the many lessons learned in this book. I guarantee that if you want to be a better negotiator, this book will open your eyes to what it really takes and if you use these concepts, not only will you improve your skills, but you’re confidence going into a negotiation will be greatly enhanced. I highly recommend it.


Business Book #2:
The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

You might have seen this book mentioned by other marketers online. It’s very popular among business owners and internet marketers. You might have even heard the expression “I’m going to 10x this,” not knowing what it means.

The 10x rule says in order to accomplish anything in your business or in life you must give it 10 times the effort that you had initially planned. Everything takes 10 times more effort to accomplish. This makes sense.

Have you ever planned on accomplishing anything and given it a time frame to get done, then find it’s taken a lot longer that you planned? That’s the 10x rule in action.

There is much more in the book, especially advice on “how” to implement these concepts. I think it’s one of those “must read” entrepreneurial books.

That being said, I want to mention my philosophy on the 10x rule.

Many people on the internet preach working hard and spending half the night work on your business and getting up early and just working hours and hours and hours. That’s great if you can do that. However, in my opinion life is not a destination, it’s a journey. Besides working hard and spending as many hours as you can, you also need to enjoy the journey as you go – which means spending time with family and friends and doing other things that make life worth living.

Life is about balance, in my opinion. Without that, you are destined to not enjoy what you’re doing. Only you can decide how to implement the 10x Rule and as I said before, it’s a must read. I highly recommend this book.


Business Book #3:
Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker

I really like this book a lot. The reason? It’s very specific to creating your own information products online and releasing them to the public using “launches” that is, highly promoted and hyped releases that get a ton of sales at the beginning.

In addition to affiliate marketing, this is the actual concept I use in my own business so naturally I like this book.

Jeff goes into the actual launch process he has used in his own business – making him millions. I say if you’re going to model someone, let it be someone that’s done what you want to do. Model Jeff, do what he’s done, and you too might just be able to quit your job.

In the vain of honesty, I want you to be aware that when you order this book through Jeff and not Amazon, you’ll be on his mailing list and as a marketer, he has other products to sell. That’s ok. He gives tons a value and his other offerings are really, really good. But you don’t have to by them to get the most out of this book.

As a matter of fact, the book gives you all the information you need to start your own information business online. Get the book anyway and read it.


Business Book #4:
Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

You may have heard of Russell Brunson. He’s a well-known internet marketer that’s done amazing things, including publishing 2 physical books. This is one of them.

Expert Secrets is about building a business around your passion and actually contributing to the world in a major way. We all want to be known for doing something good and being of value to others. This book taps into that feeling.

He goes into the entire process of how to take a subject you know and love and turn that into a business, including how to find your passion, developing your business, building an audience of rabid followers and much much more.

Besides going over the process in great detail, his writing style is very motivational. You should get a lot out of Expert Secrets and if you take action on his methods, you could make a lot of money.

As a side note, just like Jeff Walker, Russell Brunson is an internet marketer. This book is the first step in his various funnels where he’ll be selling other software and programs. All of them are first rate, and if you’re seriously pursuing starting on online business, you can’t go wrong with his programs. Also like Jeff, even without his other programs, after reading this book you’ll know what you need to do to start a successful online business.

If you purchase the book from him you’ll be introduced to much much more. Buying it on Amazon I’m not sure. I purchased it through him directly.


Business Book #5: Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson

This is the second physical book written by Russell and actually, the first one I purchased from him.

Just like Expert Secrets, this book is very well written, and explains in great detail what a sales funnel is and how to set one up.

However, the main purpose of the book, and why you should read it, is Russell gives you his best converting funnels so you can model them. Plus he shows you how to model other businesses’ successful funnels too. A real gem!

In addition to funnels, you’ll learn how to start an online business by choosing your niche and your customer avatar, and how to follow up with them via email. Yes, email is one of those must do, but “how to do it right” things that many internet marketers get wrong and therefore, don’t see the results they are after.

Russell’s email methods are really good. Others I know use them and so do I.

There is so much information included here, I highly recommend you read this book.


Business Book #7: Ask by Ryan Levesque

This book is about doing surveys to find out what people want and then give it to them. Honestly, it’s a great concept that every business owner should apply – get ideas of what people want then give them what they want.

The only drawback for me however, is that this book goes into the details of surveys and how to analyze the data. The analysis, while important, was quite a bit of the focus. It actually got a little bit too analytical and scientific for me as far as analyzing the data. Tat being said, it’s quite thorough in the appoach, so if you’re thinking of doing surveys to your customers, or incorporating them in the future, this book is a good one to give you some excellent advice and tips on doing just that.

It’s an interesting read and the concepts are definitely valid so if you’re into the nitty-gritty and into analyzing statistics, you’ll definitely love it. If not, you’ll still get a lot out of the concepts and the best ways to implement surveys in your own online business.


Business Book #8:
Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

This is, without a doubt, the best best book I have ever read and will do wonders for your mindset and your business.

Awaken The Giant Within has given me tons and tons of value and more tips than I’ve ever read in any one book. That “ah hah” moment was common as I was reading.

If you’ve never heard of Tony Robins and are into self help, then you’ve been living in a cave.

Awaken The Giant Within is not only about success in your business but it’s in all areas of your life. There are some concepts in this book that I have never heard of, such as how you can actually rewire your brain and your neural transmitters within your brain to actually give you what you want and achieve greatness!

Plus, there are worksheets to fill out, questions to answer, and exercises to do, usually at the end of each chapter. It’s just so good I cannot recommend it enough.

One caveat… is a very thick book, over 500 pages. However, there is very little fluff. Almost all the words are there for a reason. If you get just one book, let this be the one!

I will be doing an even more in dept review of this book shortly after this post. So, check the blog for that post, or check my Youtube channel HERE for a video book review on the subject.


For a video review of the books above, watch the video below:


As I mentioned before, this is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination but if you start with these books you can’t go wrong.

This is my list as of this posting. As time goes on and I discover more exciting books I’ll be sure to let you know. Watch the blog for further details.

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