Post 19 – List Building Case Study Update



Short And Sweet…

Two computer programmers walk into a bar…

Because they were lost.




It’s closer to my goal end time and I wanted to give you some insight into my progress.

First, the List Building Goal.  That’s the one that I’m building my list to 5k in just over 1 month.  That, my friends is a loftly goal, and it means getting 100 – 150 new subscribers every day.

After running some traffic to the site, I’ve had mixed results and none have panned out to give a large surge.  Here’s the rundown:

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Post 16 – Internet Marketing Success Motivation

elevator pitch salesMan, it’s great to be an entrepreneur, working for myself!

You know how life gets in the way sometimes?  It happened this week.

Since my last posting personal issues have taken a front seat in my life – putting my list building plan on delay for a few days.  An old neighbor friend has to unexpectedly be moved within her assisted care facility and yours truly has been helping the family with the issues that have come up – including moving someone from one apartment to the other.

Why do I tell you this?

Because I get to help this family because I work for myself.  I don’t have to answer to a boss.  I don’t have to call in and give some lame excuse for taking off.  I don’t have to feel guilty about others at my job taking up my slack.

Yes, being an entrepreneur means freedom from all of that.  There’s no greater satisfaction in life – and if you’re reading this, you need to feel that freedom.  You must feel it.  You must do whatever it takes to say adios to your boss!  You MUST!

The second part of this is today is Sunday and yes, I’m working on Sunday.  However, there is a huge difference between working on Sunday when a boss tells you to do it, and working on Sunday because YOU CHOOSE to do it.
That difference is what it’s all about.

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Post 15 – Traffic Traffic Traffic





If This Describes You,

You Just Might Be A Successful Internet Marketing




I usually don’t wanna be in traffic.  Most people spend enough time in traffic going through their day to day lives.  I have had my fill of traffic jams too – that is, highway traffic.

However today, I wanna be in the midst of a huge traffic jam to my website – people traffic that is.  How do I accomplish that?

If you’ve read the postings up until now, I’ve tried using Facebook ppc and have had minimal results.  However, I am not giving up on Facebook – not at all! As a matter of fact, I’m moving on and I WILL be a Facebook Ad guru.  I consider it a challenge that I will overcome because I just gotta know EVERYTHING there is to know about Facebook ppc!  I will do that!

Today though, I’m branching out.  I’m not gonna wait for Facebook to send traffic. While I get those ads dialed in, I’m gonna be sending traffic in other ways.  Here’s the traffic methods I’m gonna be implementing:

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Post 14 – Facebook Ads Results

dad and son image




A little boy goes to his father and asks “Daddy, how was I born?”

The father answers: “Well son, I guess one day you will find out anyway.

Your mom and I got together in a chat room on AOL. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your mom and we met up at cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, I upgraded my floppy disk to a stiffy and then your mom agreed to do a download from my hard drive.

As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later, a blessed little pop-up appeared and said:

“You’ve got Male!”




Today I wanted to give an update on my list building case study and Facebook ads specifically.

So far, Facebook has been a bust.  The ads have not produced many opt-ins and I think there are several reasons.  Being the analytical type, I’m trying to figure it out.  Here’s where the problem lies with Facebook ppc:

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Post 13 – List Building Case Study Update And Other Random Thoughts

internet marketing and iphones


Are you an Apply person or not?

Either way, you might enjoy this meme!





It’s Thursday, 1/26/17 and I’m about 1 week into my case study for building my list to 5K by the end of February.

This is gonna be short post, but I wanted to update ya’ll on what’s been happening in my business.

This 5k opt-ins by the end of Feb. is a very, very lofty goal, but something I wanna shoot for.

So far this week here’s what happened.

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Post 11 – List Building And Facebook Ads Case Studies

seo imageYou may have noticed I always like to start each post with a bit of humor.  Hopefully, you’re idea of what’s funny is the same as mine!

Now, back to business.

As I mentioned previously, my goal is to build my list to 5000 in 1 month.  However, because I’m a little behind, I’m giving myself until the end of February to reach that goal.

I finally starting driving traffic to my squeeze page using Facebook 2 days ago and the results are in!

Facebook is a gold mine when it comes to ad targeting.  I know this.  I also know from experience that it takes a while to get your ads “dialed in” and that’s what is happening here.

I have created a split test of 2 different squeeze pages,  2 different ads, each exactly the same except the image I’m using, and 5 different targeting using 5 different audiences.  This gives me a lot to think about.

In the video below I’ll show you my exact campaigns, targeting, squeeze page, and results.   Just know that these results are only after 2 days.  Much more is to come.

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