Post 13 – List Building Case Study Update And Other Random Thoughts

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It’s Thursday, 1/26/17 and I’m about 1 week into my case study for building my list to 5K by the end of February.

This is gonna be short post, but I wanted to update ya’ll on what’s been happening in my business.

This 5k opt-ins by the end of Feb. is a very, very lofty goal, but something I wanna shoot for.

So far this week here’s what happened.

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Post 11 – List Building And Facebook Ads Case Studies

seo imageYou may have noticed I always like to start each post with a bit of humor.  Hopefully, you’re idea of what’s funny is the same as mine!

Now, back to business.

As I mentioned previously, my goal is to build my list to 5000 in 1 month.  However, because I’m a little behind, I’m giving myself until the end of February to reach that goal.

I finally starting driving traffic to my squeeze page using Facebook 2 days ago and the results are in!

Facebook is a gold mine when it comes to ad targeting.  I know this.  I also know from experience that it takes a while to get your ads “dialed in” and that’s what is happening here.

I have created a split test of 2 different squeeze pages,  2 different ads, each exactly the same except the image I’m using, and 5 different targeting using 5 different audiences.  This gives me a lot to think about.

In the video below I’ll show you my exact campaigns, targeting, squeeze page, and results.   Just know that these results are only after 2 days.  Much more is to come.

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Post 10 – Shocking Listing Building Proof – Solo Ads Suck!

Internet-changed-usToday, I’ve got proof!  Building your list using solo ads sucks!

I’ve mentioned before, possibly on this blog, but honestly, today’s Saturday and I can’t even remember Friday.

First, f0r those that are new to internet marketing, solo ads are an entire market where you hire someone that has a big list to send your promotional email to their list.  You can pay anywhere for .40 per click at the low end, but .70-.80 per click or more is not out of the question – especially if you hire someone that has a “reputation” for sending quality clicks.

Several website exist for this purpose and if you really want to, you can go on them, register and start hiring people to send your email.  But my advice is,  don’t.  And here’s proof why.

Below, you’ll see screen shots that I took today from my Aweber account, comparing 2 separate lists, one I built using mostly solo ads, the other is my current buyers list I built in case study #1 written about in this blog,  If you wanna read more about that case study, GO HERE!

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Post 9 – Building My List Action Plan

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Facebook jokes… don’t you love ’em!?


OK, I know I’ve been lax on my postings recently.  However, I do intend to get better, really.

I’m now heavily into my action plan with my list building goal, so I’ll be explaining what I’m doing and what’s working as I expand that list.

Before I can actually drive traffic, all the separate parts need to be set up and work together.   That’s what I’m doing now.

Before I explain those, I recorded a short video so you can see how I created my action plan, and how I’m using Evernote and the Google Calendar.

You can watch it by clicking the “read more” link.

My action plan doesn’t start with driving traffic.  There’s a lot of set up that has to go into it first.  That’s why this week is not an active list building week.  It’s about setting up all the moving parts.

Now, I hate to admit this, but I do have a problem that you may have as well.

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Post 8 – 2017 Goal Setting

goal setting for internet marketingJoke:

I’ve given up social media for the New Year and am trying to make friends outside Facebook while applying the same principles.

Every day, I walk down the street and tell passersby what I’ve eaten, how I feel, what I did the night before, and what I will do tomorrow. Then I give them pictures of my family, my dog, and me gardening. I also listen to their conversations and tell them I love them. And it works.

I already have three people following me—two police officers and a psychiatrist.

2017 IS HERE… WOW!  Where did last year go!

This year is gonna be my year and you, my friend, can follow along and see what’s possible for you!

My 2nd case study, building my list to 5K in one month is a pretty lofty goal, but I’m gonna do it.

The first thing I need to do it set up my action plan, so I’m doing that today and tomorrow.
Here’s what I’m doing… Read more Post 8 – 2017 Goal Setting

Post 6 – New Case Study Started










I’m starting a new case study and giving you a play-by-play documentation of how I’m gonna build my main list to 5000 leads by the end of February.

In addition, the list that I’m building in Case Study #1 which you can read about HERE, will be 1000 strong, a buyers list.

So, by the end of February I will have a total of 6000 new names on my list, in addition to previous lists, once of which is 985 strong right now.  Although I have other lists, I’m only counting that one as the others I’ve let go over time.

I’m gonna be building that list through a variety of traffic sources.  These include: Read more Post 6 – New Case Study Started