Product Review Launch Levels Vol. 1


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As you probably know, there are tons of products released every single week teaching how to make money online. I see many of them. However, there is only a small percentage of them that are worth your time and can really give you a help with your business. Launch Levels Vol. 1 by Kam Jennings (aka Zero Fatz) is one of those.

Below I give you an insiders look into that product and why it’s so darn good.

Here’s my take…

Launch Levels Vol 1. is a full-blown case study on how Kam Jennings created his latest product, called “Free Funnels” and how he made over $13,000 in revenue in just 5 days. The best part however, is that he tells you why he did things the way he did, and shows you how you can replicate what he did so you too, can see similar results.

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