Post 4 – Some Motivation For You


Q:  What’s 6 inches wide, 2 inches long, and drives women crazy?

A:  Money!



Today I’m gonna do a motivational post, after the last one about the launch stats.   I will be posting more launch stats soon. d

For now, I wanna ask you a question:
“Do you exhibit the habits of someone that is successful?”
“Do you even know what those habits are?”

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Intro And Make Money Online Goals

goal graphic


Q: Did you hear that Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are making one big social site together. What is the new site called?

A: You-Twit-Face


I like to start each day by giving thanks and also laughing.  Laughing is the best medicine, right?  Right!  It really helps the mindset.   So, beware.  If you like bad jokes, you’ll love my posts!

But seriously…

This website is my public documentation on my journey from rags to riches with internet marketing.  Think of it as your ongoing case study.

What I want outta this is to show YOU what it takes to make money online. Read more Intro And Make Money Online Goals