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Q: Did you hear that Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube are making one big social site together. What is the new site called?

A: You-Twit-Face


I like to start each day by giving thanks and also laughing.  Laughing is the best medicine, right?  Right!  It really helps the mindset.   So, beware.  If you like bad jokes, you’ll love my posts!

But seriously…

This website is my public documentation on my journey from rags to riches with internet marketing.  Think of it as your ongoing case study.

What I want outta this is to show YOU what it takes to make money online.

I know that many of you have struggled or are struggling to make money online. I know where you are.  I’ve been there.  For a few years, I struggled too.  Now, I won’t say I’m still not struggling. However, I do currently8 make money online, money that is sporatic and good, but not enough to give up my current business of landscaping and move on to internet marketing full time.  Read more about me and my story HERE.

It hasn’t happened yet, but this year I know it will.  Why?  I don’t know for sure.  All I can say is, I feel different now.  My mindset is where it needs to be.  I’m totally committed, all in.  I got that WARRIOR feeling now.

As I document this journey. I hope you will be a part of it.  The things you’ll learn will be staggering and it should propel you forward with your own business.  You’ll also learn what works and what doesn’t from MY OWN experiences, documented right here!

How To Find Your Way Around:

You’ll find that eacy post is numbered, to help you follow along.  However, as I add case studies, the numbering for each many not be consecutive, as I’m gonna mix in other postings as well – stuff that you can learn and use in your own business.  So if you wanna follow along with each case study, you can do 2 things:

  • Follow the navigation at the end of each case study post.
  • Go to the categories section on the right, and click the case study to see all posts from that study.

So, let’s begin with a little motivation.

What I wanna ask is, what is YOUR motivation for wanting to make money online with your own business?  Is it to pay off your mortgage?  Go on a nice vacation?  Buy a nice second home?  Is it to quit your job and work for yourself? 

I know that tons of people want to quit their jobs. Heck, I know 4 people within my small circle of friends and family that are very unhappy at their jobs and would would like nothing more than to strike it out on their own. Plus, another 2 are unemployed. The market is gargantuan!

Being an entrepreneur myself, can can remember the feeling of quitting my last job – actually I was fired by my $#&^hole boss. The feeling was both scary but exciting at the same time. The feeling of euphoria of not having to answer to anyone. No one telling you what to do, when to show up, when you can take vacations, it’s a feeling of total FREEDOM. It’s a feeling that I can’t describe and do it justice. You just have to feel it to know what I mean. I want to give that feeling to others and you!

Since getting fired, I’ve had my share of entrepreneurial successes and failures (SEE MY STORY HERE).

What I want to do now, and what I think is the best and easiest method to earn a huge amount of money online, is to sell digital information products online – books, audios, videos, etc.

I’ve already made some money in this field, so it’s not new to me. I’m just ready to scale it up big time now. I’M PLAYIN’ WITH THE BIG BOYS.

The main vehicle to a great income is a large list, so building that list using various free and paid methods will be my main focus. If you wanna find out what traffic methods work best, stick around and watch my posts. I’m gonna TELL ALL!

In addition, launching products and getting other affiliates to promote them is a good way to build a list fast. However, don’t be fooled by some scammer internet marketer that says getting affiliates to promote your products is easy. My experience is that’s not always the case. List owners are very protective of their lists (and they should be). They are not going to promote your product if they’ve never heard of you before. They need to know, like and trust you first.

That’s why my goals line up like this:

  • Build my list to 1000
  • Start promoting others’ affiliate products
  • Establish a relationship with others in the industry while promoting their products
  • Continue building my list to 5000 real people
  • Continue to promote affiliate products.  As the list grows, so will my sales and my clout within the industry
  • Launch a membership site that I created about a year ago, but didn’t launch the way I had intended.
  • Gain 400 members @$47.00 per month = approx. $19,000 per month
  • The business grows from there.

That’s the big plan, now for the little steps.  It’s here we’re gonna HAVE SOME FUN!

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