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There’s a new kid in town …  famous song from the classic rock band “The Eagles”

I’m announcing here some changes to the blog that you’re sure to like – more video postings.
Although I like writing and feel I’m a half-way decent writer, I know that videos are much more appealing and enteraining, and I definitely wanna give you more of what you want.  Plus, I know you’ll still learn a lot from my experience as an internet marketer.

That being said, watch my latest video below:




Explaining more, I think there’s an epidemic going around, expecially newbies, trying to make money online. It’s the “robot-itis.”

So often when we buy courses, we are like robots. We try to follow the directions, word for word, step buy step, without thinking… and why wouldn’t we?  We are instructed that “this” course is THE way to make xxx dollars in 30 days, if follow these exact steps!

So, we’re like robots, following the steps and… surprise… it doesn’t work the same way. Why?

Well, every case is different. There’s no way YOU can set up the same system as the product creator. Even if you were to copy their exact blueprint, word for word, graphic by graphic, (which you should NEVER do, BTW), other changing variables will always come into play.  Even small things such as the time of day you run your Facebook ppc ad, to the number of people on the Warrior Forum the day your posting is on page 1, to a host of other things.

So, stop being a robot and start thinking for yourself. Use your mind. Use your brain and your common sense to tweak and change any system that may not be working for you right out of the box.

Perhaps you lead magnet’s title is not converting.  Perhaps your email copy is just not as compelling as the product creator.  Perhaps you’re targeting women and men when you should be targeting men.

If the system you’re follow has worked for others, it will work for you – perhaps not right out of the box, but with a few tweaks there and there.  So go outside that box!

It’s the inovative and creative thinkers that will move ahead…not the robots!

In every internet marketing movie, the robots self destruct!


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