Post 10 – Shocking Listing Building Proof – Solo Ads Suck!

Internet-changed-usToday, I’ve got proof!  Building your list using solo ads sucks!

I’ve mentioned before, possibly on this blog, but honestly, today’s Saturday and I can’t even remember Friday.

First, f0r those that are new to internet marketing, solo ads are an entire market where you hire someone that has a big list to send your promotional email to their list.  You can pay anywhere for .40 per click at the low end, but .70-.80 per click or more is not out of the question – especially if you hire someone that has a “reputation” for sending quality clicks.

Several website exist for this purpose and if you really want to, you can go on them, register and start hiring people to send your email.  But my advice is,  don’t.  And here’s proof why.

Below, you’ll see screen shots that I took today from my Aweber account, comparing 2 separate lists, one I built using mostly solo ads, the other is my current buyers list I built in case study #1 written about in this blog,  If you wanna read more about that case study, GO HERE!

In the screen capture’s, you’ll see my 2 lists.  List #1, “Apex Online Income Academy” which is the list built using solo ads,  with 953 subscribers – and list #2, “BL-bembed-launch-bonus” which is the buyers list I built in case study 1 with 229 subscribers.

Next I filtered out the number of subscribers that never opened an email at all and, this is the shocking part, or maybe not so shocking because I always assumed it anyway.

1.  Out of 279 subscribers on my buyers list which includes the 50 unsubscribes, only 50 have never opened an email.  That means about 82%% of this list is opening my emails.

2.  Out of 1246 subscribers on the list built with solo ads, which includes my unsubscribes a whopping 940 people have never opened an email.  That means, only 25% of list list is opening emails.

Take a look at the graphic and read more of my explaiation below:



Now before you say, well, solo ads work if you have a good offer and a good seller, etc. etc.  Let me tell you why I know this is wrong.

I tested a lot of different solo ad campaigns, including using many sellers, all of which claimed to have a good list, including buyers and that had many positive testimonials.

I tested a lot of different offers, changing  lead magnets, squeeze page designs, headlines, etc.

I tested, tested, and tested again and again – and this what I ended up with.  A list with about 1000 subscribers, a huge majority of which have never opened an email.

You could make the case for… “well, you’re at least getting 25% of your subscribers opening the mails.  At least that’s something.”

To make it clear, that’s 25% of my subscribers have ever opened at least 1 email.  That doesn’t mean my open rate is 25%.  As a matter of fact, the open rate with this list is horrible – 1/2% to 1% open rates.  That is the icing on the cake.

Buying solo ads costs money and some of the sellers I used were charging premiums because they claimed their list was a “quality” list.

Lesson learned, don’t buy solo ads from people on the solo-ad networks sites!


There are solo ads that are very good, and highly recommended!  Although I’ve never used them so I can’t say for sure, I plan on it in the future.  These are solo ads from individuals that own big lists but aren’t part of the networks.  These are people that don’t sell solo ads as part of their business model, but if you approach them and ask, they may say yes to you.

In addition, media buys using solo ads, can be a good source of traffic.  These are companies that build lists of millions of people, all segregated by interest.  ArcaMax is one of those companies, so if you wanna find out more about them, do a Google search.

With companies such as ArcaMax, you’re essentially renting the list.  You can choose this list and send your email.  These companies however, are not cheap and usually have minimum buys, so they are not newbie friendly.

MY advice:  don’t buy solo ads and waste your money.

If you have a different experience, comment below.  I’d be glad to hear it.

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