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Here’s Why Your Ads Aren’t Converting To Sales!

Do you struggle to convert your copy into lead and sales?  Are you spending a boat load of time and money, getting your message out, but no one is responding?

That means, your ppc ads are not converting into opt-ins or sales? Or perhaps your free traffic methods are just not working?

Your advertising may have one simple problem – a problem that is very, very common with people that are NOT familiar with sales tactics.  It’s a  problem that can be overcome very easily.

I learned the answer to this problem from my days of flipping houses.

Yes, you heard that right. I flipped houses for about 3 years back in 2007-2009. That was about the time the real estate market crashed here in the U.S.   I lost about 5K on my first flip, due to housing prices crashing during the exact time my flip was on the market.  Had the prices not dropped, I would have made about 20K.  What timing, right?

After that, things turned around but banks were very hesitant to loan money for flipping.  It was a challenging time.  Although I stuck with it for a few years, I had another, much better calling.

Read more of my own story on the  ABOUT ME   page.

What Is The Answer I Learned?

I learned back then that when I listed a property, the thing “not-to-do” is to list the features. Let me give you an example:

            3bedrooms, 2 baths, large finished basement, fenced backyard, etc.

At the time, I had to convince my realtor to not do this.  (many realtors aren’t that familiar with sales techniques).

Here’s the better way to say it…

Enjoy sitting back with your friends,  watching the games on your flat screen in your personal man cave.


Escape to the tropics on your own private deck overlooking the lushly landscaped yard.

That was wording I actually used in one of my listings for a flip I did.  Or…

Do you see what I’m doing here? I’m creating a feeling!

The feeling of relaxing in the tropics – I can picture sipping a pina colada, can’t you?

This is an important point. In sales, you need to create a feeling! Don’t just list features. Create a feeling by drawing a picture in your customers’ minds of how a feature will benefit them.  When you plan your promotions, ask yourself this question…”How can I create the desired feeling within my promotion?”

Next Question:  “What feeling should I create?”

Well, that depends on what you’re selling.   However,  there is ONE FEELING that is most important. This is the feeling you should always be creating in your sales copy. This is the key to bringing in more sales.

That feeling is… TRANSFORMATION!

Think about it.  With every product someone buys, in any industry, at any store or online business, what is the result that the customer wants?  They want to be transformed in some way.  Each time someone buys something, anything, they are transformed!

If you doubt this, pay attention to advertisements you see as you go through your day.

These ads will many times portray a person in a state of distress or misery before they buy, and a state of happiness after they buy. Watch for this and you’ll be amazed at how much this happens.

You might already be aware that often the ad won’t even mention the product by name – as in Apple computers.

Let’s continue with the Apple computers as an example.

Sometimes they just show the logo.  That logo is very familiar, so that’s all they need to do…branding.

The one thing they don’t do however, is list features… 2 gig disk space, 4 gigs of ram, 17 inch monitor, etc. etc.  This is BORING and wouldn’t lead to sales.  Instead they feature images of hip people in front of the computer screen, (one ad I know of),  meaning cool and hip (a feeling) people use Apple computers.  They don’t have to mention features.  Features don’t matter when you’re hip and cool.

So, bottom line, people are searching, subconsciously, for a transformation when they buy anything.  Transforming to a state of happiness, or from a nerd to hip and cool are just a few examples.

YOUR JOB (Should you choose to accept it)…

It is your job, my friend, to figure out the change that will happen to someone once they purchase what you’re selling, and convey that in your ads.

When You Should Follow And When You Should Lead

The advice I’ve just given you is nothing new.  It’s been the bases of sales techniques forever (or at least when ads were invented – I don’t know when that was 🙂    However, I recently heard it talked about in a marketing course I was watching.   This is the point…

Never, ever stop learning.  Never stop keeping up with online marketing tactics.  Things change quickly so you must keep up.  I’m always learning and watching training that is relevant to my business.  If I get 1 good, juicy, tidbit of information out of the course, it’s worth it.

That’s why I follow people that have been through what I’ve been through, and are now where I want to be.   One of those people is Kam Jennings.

Since I’ve known Kam, his style, his personality, and his genuine sincerity has impressed me.   He’s so into helping you succeed, like I am, it’s a natural fit.   That’s why I’m happy to recommend Kam’s Epic Conversions Insiders Club to all my readers today.   You will get sooo much valuable information, both from his blog and the Insiders Club, it’s a no brainer for the price.

I highly recommend checking it out.

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