Post 13 – List Building Case Study Update And Other Random Thoughts

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It’s Thursday, 1/26/17 and I’m about 1 week into my case study for building my list to 5K by the end of February.

This is gonna be short post, but I wanted to update ya’ll on what’s been happening in my business.

This 5k opt-ins by the end of Feb. is a very, very lofty goal, but something I wanna shoot for.

So far this week here’s what happened.

I’ve managed to get 5 sign-ups, hardly anything to brag about.  These sign ups came from running facebook ads.

In the name of openness, you’re gonna hear the good and the bad, my promise to you through all of this.

The bad is that facebook ads have not produced the results I’ve wanted so far.  I’ve tried several targets, several different ads using different headlines and different images, and 2 different lead magnets.

All the ads are getting great impressions and clicks, but opt-ins are not happening.  I’ve spent a total of $187.23 on the ads for a total of 5 sign-ups – not good of course, but the testing phase is always this way.  I’m not worried as things will come around.

The next things I’m gonna do..

  1. I’ve got a call scheduled with a facebook ads man to go over my campaigns and tweak them
  2. Ramp up my other traffic sources – big time – starting tomorrow.
  3. Start running facebook ads to blog posts.  Facebook likes when you keep your traffic on their site!
  4.  Start product reviews here on my blog – the first one being on a facebook marketing course that looks to be an excellent resource.Watch this space as put into place all of these tactics.


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