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I usually don’t wanna be in traffic.  Most people spend enough time in traffic going through their day to day lives.  I have had my fill of traffic jams too – that is, highway traffic.

However today, I wanna be in the midst of a huge traffic jam to my website – people traffic that is.  How do I accomplish that?

If you’ve read the postings up until now, I’ve tried using Facebook ppc and have had minimal results.  However, I am not giving up on Facebook – not at all! As a matter of fact, I’m moving on and I WILL be a Facebook Ad guru.  I consider it a challenge that I will overcome because I just gotta know EVERYTHING there is to know about Facebook ppc!  I will do that!

Today though, I’m branching out.  I’m not gonna wait for Facebook to send traffic. While I get those ads dialed in, I’m gonna be sending traffic in other ways.  Here’s the traffic methods I’m gonna be implementing:

  1.  Facebook Ads – You may have guessed by now that Facebook ppcis a bit of a learning curve.   However there is more than 1 way to use the social media giant, and I’ll be trying some methods that others have recommended.  Plus, I’ve hired a Facebook coach to look over my past ads to give me some tips.  Watch for a future report on this.  I’m highly focused on this and can’t wait for the results.
  2.  Bing Ads – gonna be starting up Bing ads today.  Future Report coming
  3.  Warrior Forum – gonna be placing an ad there today.  Future Report coming
  4.  Instagram – I’m gonna be finally implementing some ad software that I purchased a while ago.  Reports have been coming in that are very, very good. I’ll let you know.
  5.  A special traffic source, that I’ll be naming shortly, was recommended by a I.M. marketingg friend.  I’ll report on that later too.

So as you can see, today’s the day I move things along to my goal of 5K on my list.  I have to admit  that goal is a little daunting as I sit here.  However, I’m sticking with it.  I BELIEVE I will have it.

This goal is a critical part of my business plan so I will not compromise that.  All other plan hinge on that list being built.

I also wanted to update you on the current state of my other lists, becuase in the name of transparency and honestly, you need to know everything.  This 5K list I’m build now is in addition to my other current lists.  They are:

List #1:  Currently 945 people on that list – Internet Marketing Niche

List #2:  Currently 234 BUYERS on that list.  This list was built in case study #1.  READ THAT CASE STUDY HERE.

List #3:  Will soon be implemented by my next BIG case study.  I’m really, really excited about this huge opportunity to build another buyers list.  I expect this list to top out at around 700-1000 buyers.  Read about it very shortly!

List #4:  Currently 8 people on that list, current case study #2 – Building to 5K – Read this case study from the beginning  by CLICKING HERE!

All of these lists, when combined, should give my business a huge shot in the arm.  By then I’ll be promoting others’ products as an affiliate, getting to be known as a player, then launching my own products which will REALLY be the key to a successful long term income.

Follow along as I take this journey.

Contact Me Here with any comments or questions.

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