Post 17 – How To Increase Your ROI With Ad Tracking

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Advertising has really changed the way we think. Case in point…

This morning, my wife put on eye shadow, eyeliner, and eyelashes.

Question (to my wife): “What are you doing to your eyes?”

My Wife’s Answer: I’m making them look more natural!


As you continue to build your business, how are you getting traffic to your website, offer, or opt-in page?

Are you advertising on Google or Bing?  Are you guest posting on blogs?  Are you advertising on The Warrior Forum?  What about Facebook?  Do you have a link within your facebook posts?  How about Instagram?

The choices for driving traffic can really be staggering.

Now what happens if you start to get visitors to your website, and start to get people taking your offers?  Which ads are resulting in those offers?  Which promotions are a waste of time and money?

It’s extremely important to know the answers to these questions.  Without that knowledge, you cannot possibly make good decisions regarding the promotions that you’re running.  This will ultimately lead to money and time down the drain!

On the flip side, if you have some winning offers, the one’s that actually give you a positive return on investment, you’ll want to scale those big-time!

Here’s an example:

You’re running 5 different ads:

  •      Ad #1 costs $50.00
  •      Ad #2 costs $200.00
  •      Ad #3 costs $80.00

You’ve made $630.00 in sales.

On first glance, it would seem you did well.  You made $630.00  and spent $330.00.  Total profit $600.00.  Fantastic you say!?   Wait a minute.  Not so fast.

What if Ad #1 produced $300.00 in sales and Ad #3 produced the other $330.0o in sales?   That means that Ad #2 produced -0- sales, so in reality, you could have spent $130.00 (the cost of Ad #1 and Ad #3) to make the same $630.00 for a total of $500.00 in profit.

If you were not tracking each ad separately you would not know this and most likely make the mistake of continuing to run all 3 ads.  Can you see how this would be a mistake?

What you need to do is track all 3 ads separately.  If you did this you would know to stop Ad #2 and increase your ROI.

Here’s some value training that you can use in the real world.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to track all your promotions so you don’t make the mistake of wasting money needlessly.

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