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Many months ago I had a list building breakthrough.

I don’t know why I never saw it before, but clearly I was doing something wrong.


I knew it too!  My list of almost 1000 were barely opening my emails.  I was getting, maybe, 1/2% – 1% opens.  I’m talking 15-20 people opening my emails out of 1000 sent.  Pretty pathetic!

See below for a screen shot of my Aweber account with a list of about 950 names:

list building example

After reading several training reports put out by some gurus, it hit me.  What they were doing was working.  Emails from those gurus I always opened and wanted to read.  Wow, I finally got it!

I’ve subscribed to many lists over the months and years and as I deliberately took notice of which emails I liked opening and which emails I skipped over, it all came together.  The techniques I read about were the ones that worked on me!  I knew then what I needed to do.

As you’re probably aware, getting people to open YOUR emails and pay attention to YOU could be a challenge.   Most likely the people on your list are also on many, many other lists.  They get bombarded with emails all the time.  There’s just not enough time in the day to read all the emails in their inbox – so they pick and choose.

Think about your own inbox.  Do you open every email from every guru?  Do you pick and choose which ones to open?  Why do you open some emails and not others?  Do you not recognize some of the senders?  Do you even know why you don’t open?  Many times, it’s a subconscious choice, but why?  That’s what inquiring minds (and you) want to know.

Here’s the answer.  You’ll open emails from people you’ve connected with on some level – whether it’s on an emotional level, identifying with the person, or feeling the same feelings they have, or another connection.  Somehow, someway, you are connecting.

The question then becomes, how do you connect with the prospects on your list so they actually want to open your emails and look forward to getting them?

The answer is in your “story.”   What type of story do you have?  Where have you been?  Where are you now?  Where are you going and how are you going to get there?

The key to connecting with your list is to be real and tell personal stories of your own life – but not just any tall tales – I’m talking about personal stories that relate to your business.  After all, I know you’re building a list to make money, right?  You could tell personal stories every day for a year, and people might connect with you, but they still might not buy what you’re selling.  There is more involved than just writing stories randomly.

To get exceptional results, a special step by step sequence of emails should be sent out, from the very first day of their subscription,  to maximize the connection your list feels toward you.  Use this sequence and you’ll notice a big change in the number of people opening your emails.  The best results come from new subscribers.  Older subscribers, people that have been on your list for a while and you’ve not yet connected with because you haven’t used this system, may be more difficult to get on board.

As a side note, I’ve seen many people in the internet marketing space come out with their own formula for writing emails and what should be said and when.  Each method is different and if you’re like me, you wonder which one actually works.  For instance, I know one “guru” that teaches the method he uses but strangely enough, I don’t care to open his emails and I usually don’t.

I’m so over-the-top excited about this method, I wanted to teach it to my followers and fans! That’s why I created “Raving Emails – How To Connect With Your List So They Buy Your Stuff.”

I know for a fact that the method in “Raving Emails”  works because it is used by countless other marketers – successful marketers – million dollar marketers – every single day.  It’s the method that gets me to open their emails.

If you still doubt, take a look at the screen shot below for my open rates after implementing the “Raving Emails” method.

list building open rates


Right now I’m giving away this ebook and video training FREE because I want you to be successful too.  Plus, offering free, valuable content is something I like to do because you know what, I hope you’ll “connect” with me and know that I’m sincerely wanting to help you achieve online greatness.

However, I’m not sure how long it will remain free.  It was originally created to sell as a WSO and I’ve thought about discontinuing the free give-a-way.  So, if you wanna learn the method I and other gurus are using to get 20% open rates or more from their list, click the link below to download the ebook and video training for FREE.

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