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It’s closer to my goal end time and I wanted to give you some insight into my progress.

First, the List Building Goal.  That’s the one that I’m building my list to 5k in just over 1 month.  That, my friends is a loftly goal, and it means getting 100 – 150 new subscribers every day.

After running some traffic to the site, I’ve had mixed results and none have panned out to give a large surge.  Here’s the rundown:

1.  Facebook:  After getting lots of clicks and not many opt-ins, I decided to redo my ads and campaigns, and get some training from a Facebook ad expert.  You see, I know Facebook ads manager like the back of my hand, and can target interests forever.   But getting conversions is something else, something I need work on – so this facebook coaching is really helping and I’ll be starting those ads again later this week.


2.  Bing Ads:  I’ve also started some ads on the Bing/Microsoft network.  For those that don’t know, Bing search is owned by Microsoft – so not only do ads appear on Bing, they also appear on other Microsoft sites including msn and a host of others.The thing I like about Miscroft Ads is their tech support.  You can get on the phone with someone that will help you get better results.The thing I dislike is the traffic volume is smaller than Google.  Keywords that would give me traffic from Google are not giving me any traffic here. In addition, upping my volume might mean upping my bid rates.   I bid .60 per click for all keywords but I’m getting clicks for approximately .30 each.  Pretty good.  I’ve upped my bid to $1.00 per click, but I don’t want to spend that much per click.  We’ll see what the results show.  Testing and tweaking, that’s the game I’m playing right now.


3.   Top Surfer Traffic Exchange:  This site claims to have about 45,000 members, so I decided to try a few solo ads sent to those members.   I paid $58.30 for 4 solo ads and received 22 subscribers.  However, this doesn’t tell the whole story.

Traffic exchange sites are for getting traffic to your website for sure, but I’ve always heard the quality of that traffic is not good.  Why, you ask?  Because people on these sites are given incentives to click on links to websites.  On this site, a member is given 5 credits for each website they view.  The more credits a person has, the more promotions they are given to promote their own sites – perhaps, banner ads, solo ads, links in prominent places, etc.

Do you see how this works?  When people are given rewards for clicking on links, they usually don’t care about the site they are visiting… and this has been proven by my results.

Each solo ad has resulted in between 350-450 clicks each, but I only ended up with 22 opt-ins, so the cost per lead isn’t all that bad.  Plus, I received 1 sale of an affiliate product from those 22 people.  Here’s the math:


Based on this, I may do some more promotions at Top Surfer.  We’ll see.

So far my goal has not been realized and time is running short.   However, I will not be giving up.  Building that list is the most important thing for my business right now… and I’m going to explain in greater detail why in my next posting.

I’m going to show you that EVERYTHING you’ve been told ab0ut internet marketing and affiliate marketing is true.  It really does work.  Even though my list is not growing fast enough for me, I can see the numbers working out in my favor, so that when my list IS large, it’s gonna be SWEET!

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