Post 2 – Here’s How My Journey Begins


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Q:  How many marketers does it take to change a light bulb?

A:  It isn’t too late to make this neon, is it?



I know, the bad jokes are bad, but they ARE gonna keep coming!

So in my first post, I mentioned about building a list to 5K and that would be my first goal.  However, something has come up that has postponed that goal..  That is a great thing tho.!

I have struck a deal with a well known internet marketer to give him a bonus for his launch, and my bonus will be the #1 bonus. This is great news because the deal also includes a buyers list of 1000 people.  This, my friends is HUGE,  Having a buyers list of 1K is like gold!  And to start out with that?  It’s fantastic.

So this begins my first case study on the blog:
CASE STUDY #1:  The Bonus Spot:

I intend to get a squeeze page up and then drive traffic to it very soon, but getting my bonus ready has taken all of my time,

As soon as the launch is underway, I intend to move on with my list building goal of 5k people.
I want that list by the end of January,  Will that happen? I’m gonna try my hardest. Watch my blog for updates.

One thing I wanna mention here, is grabbing a bonus spot on someone’s launch used to be easier than it is today.  Many internet marketers are very protective of their lists (and they should be),  So, to give a bonus spot to someone they’ve never heard of, nor to a product that may not be good, it’s just not gonna happen,

Never the less, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  This isn’t the first time I’ve done it.  However, the other times ended up being small launches and so the list I built was pretty small.

This time, the launch is projected to do over 1000 sales, so hopefully, my buyers list will be substantial.

Lastly, in the vein of honesty, I DID pay this marketer some money for this privilege.  However, due to confidentiality agreements I cannot say who that is or how much money.  I do pledge my honesty and transparency here on this blog  – when it’s just me.  However, when others are involved, that will most likely change.

If you wanna invest in your business, and you should, consider getting a bonus spot.  I’m sure there are internet marketers out there that would gladly take your money in exchange for a bonus spot on their list.  You’d better be an honest marketer with a great product though.

The key to this approach is to get to know other marketers and establish a relationship first.  Do it via social media (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc).  Then, ask then for the deal.  Don’t go out and ask before they know you.  The answer would certainly be NO.

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