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I have some very exciting news I want to share with you today.  It’s something I’ve been holding back until the time was right.  It’s been hard though to not spill the beans.

So here it is…

I have struck a JV deal with a well known internet marketer, Lee Murray, on a product launch.

Why is this so big?  Because not only are we splitting the profits, but I’ll be adding another buyers list to my arsenal, hopefully well over 1000 strong  This, my friends, is HUGE!

I already started my first buyers lists in Case Study #1.  Read about that by CLICKING HERE.  If you read that case study until the end, you’ll know that having a buyers list is gold – plain and simple!

Now, the content is totally awesome and I know it will change lives.  Plus, it’s gonna give a big boost to my own internet marketing career and I know you can do the same IF and only IF you follow my advice that I’m going to give you right here, right now.

Before I get to that, I’m announcing my new case study:

Case Study #4

JV Product Launch – With Lee Murray

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More info on the product will follow shortly.  Right now though, I want to give you some advice.

One of the best, BEST, VERY BEST ways you can expand your business is to develop trust within the network of affiliate marketers out there or other influencers within your own niche or industry.  It’s not something that happens overnight.  It’s gonna take time.  Heck, I’ve been establishing myself within the industry for a couple of years now.

This newest JV relationship, plus the one established in Case Study #1 was all because of previous actions I took to develop a relationship… and my actions were sincere.  I truly want to get to know people in my industry and become friends.  It’s incredibly fun for me as it should be for you.   If you’re doing it because you “have to” or because it’s part of your “job” instead of something you do to enrich your sole, you’re gonna come off as self centered and in it for the money.  You won’t develop may trusting friends that way.  Sorry, but it’s the hard truth!

In addition, you need to contribute to your industry in some way.  Don’t just sit back and let everything happen around you.  Remember, successful people are leaders not followers, even if you’are are shy, you can still contribute in some way.  Honestly and sincerely contribute something valuable.

Yes, did I just say valuable?  Of course I did.  Your contributions need to be somethings others might find valuable.  If you contribute crap, you’re gonna receive crap, and you’re not going to build friends that trust you.

Here’s a hard question that you need to answer truthfully.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you really need to understand this next point TOTALLY.



Answer this…. “Do you draw people in, or do you repel others?”



I’m telling you to stop and look deep into yourself.   If you repel others, you’re gonna need to change.  Your business, any business, is not a solo activity.  As much as you want yourself to be the sole proprietor, you WILL need to involve others in your business at some point.  If you repel others, you must figure out why and change it.  Your success depends on it!

In my next post I’m gonna go over steps you can take to develop trust within your industry.  I highly recommend you do this.   As I’ve said many times in the past, no one buys from someone they don’t ‘know, like and trust.’   It’s important that you do this.

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