Post 22 – JV Launch And List Building Update

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An organization is like a tree full of monkeys…
All on different limbs,… at different levels,..
Some climbing up…
The monkeys on the top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces.
The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but assholes.



Since my last update, which you can read  HERE, a lot of work is happening to get ready for my JV launch on 3/15.
This new project/case study has taken priority over all other tasks for the moment.

One thing you MUST be when working for yourself is flexible.  Extremely flexible.  This new case study is a good side road to take for me – one that will lead to the pot-0-gold, per say – at least an excellent way to start 2017 and a jump start ahead.

Very exciting!

The course material is already first rate, but I am putting together a one-time-offer to help customers out even more.  While I don’t wanna go into the specifics, just know that this system for making money online is something I’ve never seen before, yet is so obvious, I don’t know why no one has thought of it.

The OTO will make it even simpler to give customers a large head start.   What Lee Murray and I are doing is done-for-you research on niches and products, so that all a customer will have to do it upload the info to a website, link to the products using their affiliate links, send traffic and make money.

Although creating the OTO is very time consuming, it will be totally worth it.  However, that has put a hold on the reset of my goals.  Now, I mean, just a temporary hold!

Meanwhile, the list building goal has been delayed… NOT GIVEN UP – just delayed.

Once the launch is complete, there will be a lot of traffic plans being implemented here for you to follow along.  You’ll be able to see, first hand, what traffic methods are working the best so that you can implement the same ones.

There are so many plans in the works, you’ll want to keep checking or, better yet,

sign up for the mailing listThe middle of March I’ll again be focused on building my audience to this blog, to my facebook page, and to my list.

Speaking of building your audience, I’m always floored by the methods my good friend Kam Jennings uses to build his audience.  His latest offering, “Crash The Party” gives some excellent ways to increase your Youtube Audience.  Previously, “Enter The Foundation” was a gem about building your Facebook audience, and on and on.  Every month, a new valuable lesson to be learned about building an audience that you can trust.

I would highly recommend you try out his “Epic Conversions Insiders Club” to get all of this and much more, every month.  You need this information if you wanna grow your business online.  You truly do.

Building an audience is THE most important thing you can do to build a profitable business.  You need customers that trust you.  Let Kam show you in great detail how he does it.



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