Post 23 – JV Launch Update – Exciting Things


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It’s been a while since I’ve updated ya’ll and there’s a reason for it.

My latest Case Study, the JV Launch has taken quite a bit of my time.  Launching a product is one of the most satisfying things about internet marketing and list building, and working with Lee Murray on this launch has been truly amazing.  However, exciting things have been happening lately.

Even though I’ve launched other products in the past, Lee does things a little differently, so it’s been good to get another perspective.  Over the weeks I’ll be sharing some of the knowledge I’ve gaining through the process.

My philosophy has always been “never stop learning.”  There’s no better way, in my book, to learn than to partner with another marketer.  Even over the shoulder videos can’t campare.

The launch is tomorrow, so you’ll be finding out a lot more then.

I wanna give you a blow by blow description of how it’s going and what’s happening, so you can KNOW FIRST HAND how to do a product launch.   I’m hoping to give you more details than you’ve ever heard before.

This is a short post for now, but more will be coming shortly.

Check back for details.

CLICK HERE if you wanna read about this case study from the beginning.

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