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Case Study #4 – J.V. Product Launch with Lee Murray is complete and the results prove that what other internet marketers say is true.  I never doubted it for a second, but I now have proof anyway.

Profit Vs Profit Sales Figures:

Total Income as of today, $999.14.  I’ll be generous and say 1K.  That’s $1000.00 added to my bank account in approximately 3 weeks.

profit vs profit sales

The front end product wasn’t a huge blockbuster but it did sell pretty well.   Profit vs. Profit proved once again, that Lee Murray knows how to give people what they want, methods to make money online – and it did make “product of the day” on Warrior Plus.

That being said, sales weren’t as robust as we would have hoped and predicted.

We knew going in that several big affiliates that would normally promote Lee’s products were tied up with their own launches.  Plus, other high profile launches happening at the same time are most likely going to affect the number of people that actually buy.  The things is, we can never know for sure why the launch wasn’t huge. In this business, you’re not always gonna hit home runs.  Sometimes you only  get to first base, and the next “at bat” gets you a home run.

Even though sales were disappointing, here’s why I’m pleased:

First, my portion was not 50%, it was far less.  Lee Murray made more.  That was perfectly acceptable because it was, after all, his product and I was just a JV contributing a little bit.  Plus I wanted to prove my worth to him and get my name out there within the launch space.  That was accomplished 100%!

Second, as you’re probably aware, we gave away 100% of the front end sales to affiliates as commissions.  This is customary with launches.  So all the money made was from sales of one time offers (OTO’s).

I had always heard that OTO’s is where the money is made, and this proves it!

Although the launch duration was officially 1 week, I knew there would be residual sales, even after the launch period – and indeed there was.  As a matter of fact, sales are still coming in, and probably will for a while.  This is because of the massive amount of affiliates that promoting and got the link into potential customer’s hands, not to mention links that were promoted in other areas.

Profit Vs Profit List Building Results:

Total number of buyers added to my list as of today: 324.  This, combined with the launch detailed in Case Study #1 (Read About That Here) has given me a buyers list of approximately 600.

This is HUGE… and I’m seeing the results in my bank account. I have been using the techniques I described in my ebook “Raving Emails” and getting sales from affiliate promotions I’ve been doing to my list. If you wanna know how to communicate with your list and get them to know, like and trust you, DOWNLOAD RAVING EMAILS FREE by CLICKING HERE!

Although sales I’m generating from my list are not substantial, $15.00 here, $5.00 here,  $52.00 there, it totally validates that it’s the quality of the list that matters, not the total number of subscribers. There’s no question that I need more buyers on my list and I will get there.  This, my friends, is only the start and it’s going up, up, up from here!

In addition, my open rates on my buyers list range from 22% – 33%  – fantastic numbers!

list building open rates screen capture

Once again, proving that success is all math.  It’s all in the numbers.  I can picture what it would be like to have 5000 people on a buyers list.

This is why building a large list is my #1 priority – even if I have to pay for leads, it will be worth it, depending on the cost of the leads.

Final Results – How You Can What I Did

What I did is not extraordinary. You can do it too!

First, if you wanna partner with an industry leader, you must establish a relationship with that person over time. That’s what I did with Lee Murray. I went out and made the effort to get to know him as a person.

You cannot contact someone for the first time and ask them to JV with you on their next launch. Don’t do that. Don’t be an ass-hole. It won’t work.

Second, you need to proof to your potential partner that you have what it takes, that you’ll get the job done on time, that you’ll do ANYTHING to make the launch succeed. You MUST show that you’re an action taker. After all, if they have succeeded, then they are an action taker. I can guarantee you that they won’t parter with someone that doesn’t take action!

It helps to contribute something, and if they won’t accept your work, offer to pay them. The point is, do whatever it takes because this can jump start your business!

Now, I do have to say that many, many internet marketers don’t JV with anyone and that’s just how it is. If you wanna go this route, look for people that have done JV launches in the past. That’s what I did. I knew that Lee Murray had JV’d in the past and I knew that I could probably bring more to the launch that others. That was my approach and that’s what happened.

So, whatever your plan, be an action taker and just… GET IT DONE!

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  1. Hi Tony,
    Interesting details from Profitvs Profit campaign,going through the course at the moment
    have been trying to get going with internet marketing for too long.Just need to focus and
    stop getting distracted.I know everybody says the money is in the list and I believe thats true
    I think when you are a newbie you dont think you’ll have much of value to give to your list.Enjoying
    your posts and emails.

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the posts and emails. Yes, focusing is one of the big problems. I too get distracted way too often and it takes concentrated effort to not let that happen. Choose one thing and stick with it – that’s my advice.

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