Post 25 – An Online Business Update

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Well, it’s been a while since my last post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy.

One thing that’s changing, starting today, is the frequency of posts.  I have found that with the demands of this business, plus my other landscaping business, plus life in general, has thrown me for a loop.  You probably know.  You too probably have your ups and downs too.

Although my last few weeks have been mostly up, I’ve realized there are only 24 hours in the day.  A major home renovation project has taken my time, but even though the IM business has not slowed down, my postings here have.  THEREFORE…

I am committing right here, right now, to post updates at least 3x per week, more when things are happening that need to be reported.  That being said, let’s move on.

A lot has been going on with my internet marketing business… and I mean A LOT.  I’ll be sharing some of this tomorrow but in a nutshell, here’s what I’ll be posting about over the next few days/weeks:

Recent Make Money Online Projects:

  • I’ve taken some Facebook ads training from an expert, and have learned A LOT about running ads.  Much of what I know now will probably be news to you, so I wanna share with you what I found out.  If you’re running facebook ads, you need to be here for that.
  • Another launch partnership with my good friend Lee Murray is about to start.  More details coming soon.
  • I’ve just implemented another traffic source that is very promising.  I’ll be reporting on that and letting you know my plan very shortly.

An Important Lesson:

Over the last few weeks I’ve learned an important lesson, and it boils down to one word… CONSISTENCY.

When you’re trying to build an online business, you need consistency.  Your name needs to be in front of your target audience and peers on a constant basis.  Let me give you an example.

Think of Pepsi or Coke.  What do you think they’re trying to accomplish with their ads?  Do you think they are trying to get more sales?  Of course, but that’s not the primary goal.  Everyone has heard of Pepsi and Coke, so they don’t need brand awareness.

What they are trying to do is to keep their brand in front of their audience all the time so they are not forgotten.  Remember in any business, if you don’t stay in the forefront of people’s minds, they will forget you and move on to the next company/person.

It’s important that you stay in the forefront so people keep seeing your name.  How do you do that?  Consistency!  That’s how.

If you have a blog like I do, post often.

Post on your social media accounts every day.

Get out there in front of your market EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Keep your name on the top of people’s minds.

That, my friends, is what you need to do, I what I’m going to do moving forward.

Watch these pages for very important updates.  You’ll be learning some incredibly valuable lessons.

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