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8 minute profits review and case study


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Today I’m starting another case study for a product I’m very excited about.  It’s called 8 minute profits.

This course promises a good traffic source and some good income from that traffic.  Once I purchased, I was very impressed.  The traffic source was something I had never heard of before, and it was brilliant!  So, I decided to try it out.

Here’s what happened…

I want you to know that I also purchased the 2 upsells – one for the dfy emails that promise to convert, the other for the funnel pages used by the product creators.  However, I wasn’t too pleased with the upsells, especially the dfy emails, as the emails don’t go along with what I believe to be correct email marketing.  If you don’t know how I do email marketing, download my free ebook, Raving Emails, which explains how you SHOULD be doing it so that you create a relationship with your audience… SO IMPORTANT!

IMO, email marketing is all about connecting with your audience and the emails purchase through the upsell don’t do that.  So, even though they may convert as the product creators claim, I don’t believe it’s good for the long term relationship I intend to create with my audience.

That being said, the traffic source from 8 minute profits seems to be fantastic!

8 Minute Profits Case Study Results – Campaign #1:

Let me show you the results of my first test campaign using the methods described.

nb optins


As you can see, I received 24 opt-ins from my test.  I spent $28.00 for that traffic, so my cost per opt-in was $1.16 – not too bad.  However I’m expecting better results, based on my good friend Kam Fatz’s case study review, where he got opt-ins for about .50 each.  My case study is not a duplicate of his though, but it is similar so I was hoping for results that were similar also.

The other statistic I wanna show you is the responsiveness of the traffic.  After all, it’s not the number of leads, or the cost, but the QUALITY of those leads.  That’s what I’m most interested in.

So far so good.

nb opens


As you can see, my response rate on the first follow-up email is 68%, and on the second, %20.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.   This leads me to conclude (as did Kam Fatz) that the quality of the traffic is pretty good.

So, I’ve started my 2nd campaign, using the EXACT method taught in the course, and we’ll see what happens.  Because I’m choosing a different way way to get the traffic, my results should be better.

Grab your copy of 8 Minute Profits HERE!

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