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Q:  Why is the internet marketer’s house so clean?

A:  Because the internet has been down all day.




Here’s an update regarding the CASE STUDY – The Bonus Spot.

If you missed that post, you can read it here:  Post 2:  Here’s How My Journey Begins

It’s been about a week since the start of the launch and the sales figures are 1000+ product sales.

My stats so far:

Number of people that clicked the bonus link within the launch:  353
Number of buyers on list:  212
Number of people that clicked on email #1 to download their freebie bonus:  138

Are these numbers less than you’d expect?  I have to say they are less than I expected.  However, I never expected 100% of the people buying the product to want my bonus.  Why?

First, when someone buys a product, they are mainly interested in that product, not the bonus.

Second, people need to opt-in to my list to get the bonus.  So even if someone is interested at first and clicks on the link, once they find out they need to enter their email address to get it, not everyone will wanna do that.

So the fact that there have been over 1000 product sales and only 353 of those buyers clicked on the link for the bonus is a little disappointing.  I would have expected more.  However, since I haven’t done a bonus on such a big launch before, I’m not sure if this is good or bad.  I was hoping for about 60% though.

The good news is that out of the 353 people that clicked on the link, 212 people opted in, that’s about 60%.

Then, the number of people opening the first e-mail to get their product is 65% which is pretty good.  FYI, you won’t get 100% of the people that opt-in to get your bonus actually opening the email to get the bonus,  Why?  I’m not sure.

I believe that sometimes people forget they’re getting a bonus, sometimes they assume the bonus is crap, and other reasons,  Let me ask you… have you ever bought a product and not cared about the bonus, even after you downloaded it?  I know I have.

Regarding the tracking of these statistics, I KNOW that tracking is extremely important.  First, because 60% of the people clicking on the bonus link actually opted in, I know that’s a very good statistic.   You’ll be lucky to get 30% opt-ins from cold traffic such as facebook ppc, google ppc, or other advertising.

If this stat was lower, I’d test my squeeze page to try to up the percentage, The question is, will I still test another squeeze page with a 60% opt-in rate?  At this point, no, but I may change my mind later.

The other stat that I have no control over, is only 30% of the product buyers, went to my  squeeze page for the bonus. This could be because the way the bonus is presented by the marketer with whom I’m dealing.  I don’t know and cannot change it.., so I’ll move on.

Regarding tracking, it’s SOOOOO important to do it.  How did I do it?

I’m using 2 programs. One is my autoresponder, Aweber, which gives some great insights your your email campaigns and lists.

The other, ane the one I’d recommend, is AdTrackzGold.

This program is actually a script that’s installed on your website and if purchase, you get installation for free – so no need to do it yourself.

The reasons I like AdTrackzGold are:

  • Very Easy To Use
  • One Time Purchase (It’s not monthly)
  • Can create tracking links for as many promotions as you want
  • Very good statistic reports

I’d highly recommend AdTrackzGold

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