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Q: How do you know that you’ve done too much email marketing?

A:  When people accept your dinner invitation, you send out another one, asking if they’re sure.


Here is the final outcome of the BONUS SPOT CASE STUDY

The launch on which my bonus was offered has not ended and I have the stats.  Here they are, and here’s what you can learn from it.

  • Number of people on list:  217 strong, not including the unsubsubscribes which were 25.
  • 397 clicks, which makes the opt in rate 54% – good I think. I never got a chance to try another version of the squeeze page.
  • Out of 244 first follow up emails, 266 total opens and 157 unique opens, which is 64%, which is excellent and it seems virtually everyone that opened downloaded the freebie ebook. This tells me 64% of the people that subscribed actually downloaded the freebie.
  • Open rates for my follow up emails are 20% – 30%


Lesson #1:  So, bottom line, the proof is here.A buyers list is more responsive than a cold list gotten from ads.

You may have heard that a buyers list is 10x or 100x more valuable than a freebie list or a list of cold traffic gotten from ads.  The stats prove that.

I have built a number of lists through my career as an internet marketer, and none were as responsive as this.

Here’s an example:

One of my internet marketing lists is composed of opt-ins from solo ads only.  This list had a pitiful open rate – .5% – 2%.  That means out of 985 people on that list I was getting between 10-20 opens.  Horrible.  Plus, I advertised with solo ad sellers that were recommended and claimed to mail to their buyers.  Hogwash!

Personally, I will not build a list using solo ads again and I’d advise you not to either.  It’s a total waste of money.  HOWEVER…

A GOOD solo ad is one where you approach the list owner directly and ask them if they will send a mailing to their list for you, in exchange for a fee.  Now these types of mailings are definitely worth it and I’d highly recommend this approach.

Lesson #2:
The product launch had 1000+ sales (I’m not sure the exact total), so out of that, my 217 people list doesn’t seem that good,  However, it is what it is.  If you pursue building your list using this approach (and I’d highly recommend it), don’t expect an overwhelming majority of people that buy the front end product will want your bonus and subscribe to your list.

Keep in mind though, if you get a bonus spot for free, IT’S FREE.  This list cost you nothing!  So it doesn’t matter how many names.  Any number for free is better than a big fat zero!

There you have it,
This concludes CASE STUDY #1:  The Bonus Spot

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