Post 9 – Building My List Action Plan

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Facebook jokes… don’t you love ’em!?


OK, I know I’ve been lax on my postings recently.  However, I do intend to get better, really.

I’m now heavily into my action plan with my list building goal, so I’ll be explaining what I’m doing and what’s working as I expand that list.

Before I can actually drive traffic, all the separate parts need to be set up and work together.   That’s what I’m doing now.

Before I explain those, I recorded a short video so you can see how I created my action plan, and how I’m using Evernote and the Google Calendar.

You can watch it by clicking the “read more” link.

My action plan doesn’t start with driving traffic.  There’s a lot of set up that has to go into it first.  That’s why this week is not an active list building week.  It’s about setting up all the moving parts.

Now, I hate to admit this, but I do have a problem that you may have as well.

I get distracted, big time.

I use the mornings to read emails, see what’s going on with Facebook and basically do my daily chores.  This leads to notices regarding new products, podcasts, webinars, etc.  It’s easy to start watching this stuff, but eventually I have to say… STOP!  I gotta get on with my action plan.

So I’m bookmarking these things and devoting some time in the evening for this.  I find my most productive time in the mornings, so I wanna work on my action plan then.   I’d advice you to decide when your most productive time is, and plan your day accordingly.  Perhaps you work a J.O.B. and your schedule is less flexible.  Still, you gotta decide what you’re doing when, and stick to it, consistently.

Now, on with my action plan…



Now that you see my action plan, let me details the steps I’m taking. I hope to have everything ready for traffic by the end of this week, 1/14/17.

  1. Decide on a lead magnet and create the product (I’ve already decided on a report which I collaberated on a while ago with my coach back then, Eric Louviere).
  2. Create the squeeze page and thank you page.   BTW, I’ve found a FANTASTIC program for creating squeeze pages, sales pages, opt in forms and more.  It’s called Instabuilder.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it, perhaps now.  Now, mind you, I’ve tried many programs for this purpose and each one has always disappointed me in one way or another.  Plus, it’s a one-time-fee and cheap, not some pay per month nonsense.  It does soooo much more than create pages, I would not run my business without it.  It’s that good!  You’ll love it!  CLICK HERE if you wanna find out more.
  3. Place the Facebook tracking pixel on the squeeze page.  This lets Facebook create a list of people that have visited the squeeze page, so that I can run “regargeting” ads to these people.  Absolutely KILLER strategy that if you’re not using you should.  Although I’ve used the Facebook pixel in the past, they recently changed how it works, so I’ve gotta figure out the new method.  This might take longer that it would have before the change.
  4. Decided on the products I’m gonna be promoting to my list.  If I wanna sell my own, I’ll have to create the sales pages.  However, for now, I’ll be promoting affiliate offers.  Shortly I’ll switch those to my own products.
  5. Upload the follow-up messages into Aweber, my autoresponder program.  I love Aweber (another plug, yes, but I only recommend what I like and what works for me).  I’ve tried a few other autoresponders and keep coming back to them.  You can sign up for FREE if you wanna check them out.
  6. Test the funnel.  Sign up to my own list and make sure everything is working properly.

So far, I’ve designed the squeeze page and thank you page, linked to the products I wanna promote.   Still working on the rest.

I hope that you get something out of my posts.  Leave a comment below if you like what you see or wanna see something different.

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