Post 9 – Building My List Action Plan

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Facebook jokes… don’t you love ’em!?


OK, I know I’ve been lax on my postings recently.  However, I do intend to get better, really.

I’m now heavily into my action plan with my list building goal, so I’ll be explaining what I’m doing and what’s working as I expand that list.

Before I can actually drive traffic, all the separate parts need to be set up and work together.   That’s what I’m doing now.

Before I explain those, I recorded a short video so you can see how I created my action plan, and how I’m using Evernote and the Google Calendar.

You can watch it by clicking the “read more” link.

My action plan doesn’t start with driving traffic.  There’s a lot of set up that has to go into it first.  That’s why this week is not an active list building week.  It’s about setting up all the moving parts.

Now, I hate to admit this, but I do have a problem that you may have as well.

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